Buying a Home123

Recently I went into a home which was purchased just a few weeks ago.  They never got a mold inspection, as their Realtor and Home Inspector, advised them that it wasn’t needed.  But after a few weeks of living in the home, they noticed a smell and decided to give us a call.  When I arrived at the house, the odor was apparent on the first floor with the basement being the problem area.  After the inspection, it was revealed that the walls and the joists were infested with mold.  Now the builder tried to cover it up with paint, but the mold was coming through.  My estimate to remediate this issue was $8,700, which were monies that were unexpected, but also funds the new home owners didn’t have.  The lesson here is that you never trust your Realtor, as they are in the commission business and few truly have your best interest in mind, and you NEVER trust a home inspector who sometimes is in the pocket of the realtor and/or lender.  Mold inspections are inexpensive and could have saved these new buyers thousands of dollars in repairs.

About the author: Joe Fiorilli