My wife’s mother recently passed away. In the months leading up to her passing, my mother-in-law was incapable of caring for herself. Unfortunately, she lived alone and essentially occupied the first floor living area only. As such, the house rapidly fell into disrepair. On the second floor, in both the front and rear bedrooms, the roof was leaking. In addition, there was a leak in the basement. Each of these leaks existed for some time. Not only did the water cause significant damage in each location, mold formed throughout the areas and needed to be treated. One of the challenges with this particular job is that my wife and I had to coordinate from our home in Florida. Without being able to check in on the work frequently, we were concerned with any company we employed. Mr. Fiorilli and his team of workers at MSI exceeded all our best expectations. Not only was Mr. Fiorilli courteous and responsive, but he made sure that we were updated on his findings and his progress on a daily basis through both phone and email communication. Mr. Fiorilli photographed and documented all the contents of the house – denoting each as salvageable or needing to be disposed of. Considering the disrepair that the house had fallen into, and the damage throughout caused by the water damage and lack of upkeep, MSI did a fabulous job that was completed quicker than the originally expected time frame. We would (and have!) recommend MSI to anyone needing this type of work.

Joe Candelore
We discovered that our dehumidifier had been leaking in our basement for up to 2 weeks. The carpet was soaked. We found M.S.I. online and called the number and left a message around 11 PM. Joe returned our call minutes later! He told us he would be out in the morning to assess the damage. The next day, Joe arrived and told us the exact work that would need to be done (remove carpet padding, remove damaged drywall, dry and clean the carpet and treat everything) and gave us an estimate. He returned later that day with another individual and they went right to work. In a few hours, the wet padding and drywall had been removed and the fans were set up. Joe kept us informed of his progress throughout the day, like showing us the thermal imaging he used on the walls to check for water damage. Joe returned the next morning to check on the carpet. He checked the bacteria levels in the carpet using a cotton swab and high tech handheld device and the levels were normal, meaning we could keep the carpet! The carpet was still a little damp, so Joe said he would wait another day before cleaning it. When he returned, the carpet was cleaned and the fans were set up again. The legs of our furniture were also treated. A few days later, Joe made his final trip to our home to remove the fans. He recommended some people to replace the carpet padding and drywall. Joe was extremely professional and courteous. He regularly kept us informed about what he was doing and why. Even though he was traveling over an hour to our home each time, he made several trips, including one time just to check on things. The initial estimate was right on. Joe was very nice to our son, who really enjoyed watching M.S.I. work. We are very pleased with the work that was done and happy that we chose M.S.I.

John & Stephanie Wollf
MSI will surpass your expectations. When it comes to mold and moisture peoblems in your house, you want to feel completely confident that you’re solving the problem thoroughly, and with MSI you won’t have any lingering doubts. Joe is super knowlegable and super communicative. I called MSI to clear my bedroom of mold in the ceiling and walls, caused by a roof leak. When Joe’s crew came, they found that the problem was much greater than I had realized, so they had to work through the weekend to take care of everything. Not only was he willing to stay on the job until every inch of mold was gone, but he also left two of his industrial size fans at my house for a number of weeks, to be extra safe. It’s now been two month since the work was done, and I’m completely satisfied. No signs of moisture or mold anywhere. As an extra plus, Joe sent info and high res photos of the damage and remediation work directly to my insurance agent, and offered to be contacted in case of further question. He did all of this despite the fact that he had already been paid in full, and didn’t have any obligation to do so.

Rebecca P
I used MSI recently for a home inspection for a home purchase. I wanted the added security above the normal home inspection that there would be no issues with my purchase. Joseph Fiorilli came in and was both highly professional and informative. He walked us through his entire inspection of air sampling and thermal imaging. He found potential issues behind the walls and provided us with a detailed report demonstrating high levels of mold on the second floor and basement. He worked with us and the current home owner on what was entailed to remediate this issue and provided us costs for remediation. As a result, we were able to reduce the price of the home for the costs associated with the remediationa and rebuild. I would immediately recommend MSI to anyone and feel that no one is as knowledgable and professional as Joe.

John J
Professional, professional, professional! Joe and his team were very responsive after the storm and were able to come out fairly quickly. He explained in detail the work to be done and kept me updated at each phase of the project. They are punctual and respectful of my property. I will be contacting this company again for additional work.

Mindy Nicoletti
Joe, the owner, is one of the best contractors with whom I have ever dealt. He is courteous, professional, and knowledgeable. He also has great customer service skills. Joe took my call personally when I telephoned. He arrived precisely on time, cleanly attired and ready to go. He explained the process in detail and began work promptly. He and his assistant had to move some things to access the problem area. They did it carefully and placed everything on a dropcloth. They set up an isolation area so we would not be exposed to the mold or dust from the area in which they were working and placed all of there equipment on dropcloths outside the area where they were working. Their contract was detailed and clear. The work was completed timely. Joe explained that his estimate was preliminary and the final bill might be different depending on what he found inside the walls. At the comclusion of the job we were informed that the job was more extensive than he thought originally but since it the length of time he expected there would be no additional charge. Consummate professionalism. I would certainly use this company again.

Samuel Cohen
My husband and I were very impressed with Joe and his employees. Joe came out promptly and answered all of our questions clearly and thoroughly. When I asked him about cleaning out the duct work (the HVAC system was flooded as well), he was honest and told me that it could be done just as effectively and for much less money by an HVAC company. He was obviously passionate and knowledgeable about what he does! The workers were all extremely respectful of our house, setting up containment of the basement and putting down drop cloths so that they did not track dirt. They were also very careful not to let any of our cats run out while they were entering or exiting the house (our cats are indoors only, but one of them likes to sneak out). The work was done over the course of three days, and they coordinated it with us so that it would work with our schedules. When they were done, the basement was thoroughly dry, cleaner than ever, and smelled great! I am also very grateful to Joe for working with our homeowner’s insurance company to provide all necessary documentation. With his help, we were reimbursed for thefull cost of the cleanup.

Rebecca Hamell
Joe Fiorilii, the owner of MSI, was very courteous, punctual, knowledgeable, thorough and meticulous, with an outstanding work ethic. this positive work ethic was also shown in his workers who were also very courteous, clean and hard working. His He was very clean and he was competitively priced. He explained the whole process to me and informed me on the mold and how to keep my home safe from it. His meticulous manner of work was especially shown in the time that was taken to seal the attic space, the use of true Hepa filter vacuums, as well as using sheets to ensure that our carpets would not be soiled by dirt from his and his workers shoes. He also continued to keep us in the loop regarding the progress of the work, and the remaining time it would take to finish. He had estimated that it would take a 4-5 days, depending on the extent of mold and ease of removing it, and he remained on budget. To provide perspective regarding the cost and the amount of work that was done, our attic has two perpendicular peaked sections with a combined floor space close to 1,000 sq feet. So, considering the work done to remove the mold properly, it was money well spent. We definitely recommend him to anyone who needs to have mold removed.

William Stefens
JOE is the most informative person when it comes to mold…WOW! My wife and I were in the final stages of purchases a home and we found a leak in the laundry room during final walk thru. I have never dealt with a mold issue before so I went to where everyone would go the internet…I read the reviews of companies and contacted several but JOE at MSI Solutions blew everyone else away with knowledge, appropriate equipment and fast service. JOE was out in 1 day after my initial call to perform mold testing in several rooms in our potential home. JOE gave us a phone call to discuss the mold report even before we received it…he explained the costs, techniques and the way he would go about removing the mold properly. His recommendations will save us THOUSANDS of dollars of mold remediation. IF you call JOE he will not disappoint you with his throrough communication, fast service, fast return calls, honesty, ability to handle the job and do it all very professionally.


Bill T
Had an absolute tragic moment in the lives of our family and needed the services of a company who could restore some sort of order. We used MSI because of their reviews on here and I can testify that they are honest, clean, respectful and Joe was very compassionate and caring in our time of need. They came out quickly and got the job done right. Thank you to Joe and his crew and best wishes in the future.

Paul B