The Ideal Range Of Humidity Within A Home Is Between 35 To 45 Percent.

A fire can be devastating to your home or business. After the fire trucks leave, your property will likely suffer from not only fire and smoke damage, but also widespread water damage and flooding from firefighting efforts. Fire damage clean up is an arduous process that often requires the proper industrial equipment and specially trained technicians.

In the wake of a fire, when victims are faced with insurance matters, arrangements for interim housing, and possible health concerns, homeowners are unlikely to make salvaging efforts the top priority.

Sadly, this could present a costly dilemma, as time is of the essence. In these cases, the services of a certified fire restoration company are invaluable. Delays in fire damage clean up can have serious consequences. In addition to the obvious devastation created by heat, flames and soot, water and smoke are powerful contaminators and destructors in their own right. Immediate intervention is critical to minimize exposure to these damaging agents in hopes of limiting restoration costs.

Why Immediate Action Is Needed

  • Within minutes after the blaze is extinguished, acidic soot residue causes discoloration of plastics. Certain materials like marble and alabaster could be marred permanently.
  • It only takes a matter of hours for acidic soot to cause yellowing of bath fixtures, counter tops, & the tarnishing of unprotected metals. Furniture & appliances may also discolor.
  • Within days, acid residues may permanently discolor walls and cause corrosion and rusting of metals. Flooring made of wood or vinyl must be replaced (or at the least refinished), and textiles such as clothing and furniture upholstery becomes irreparably stained.
  • In a matter of weeks, carpet may become unsalvageable due to discoloration. Silver-plated fixtures are irreversibly corroded. Glass, crystal, and china may become severely etched and pitted due to extended exposure to acidic soot residue.

Our Fire Restoration Process

Not every situation is the same when it comes to fire and smoke damage losses. Each situation will call for a specific solution, although the remediation process mainly stays the same. Here’s how our fire restoration process works:

Emergency Contact

Inspection and Fire Damage Assessment

Immediate Board-Up and Roof-Tarp Service

Water Removal and Drying

Removal Of Smoke and Soot From All Surfaces

Cleaning And Sanitizing


Our certified staff is on call 24/7 no matter the time or date to ensure the fastest response time if the unthinkable should occur. We will work directly with your insurance company to navigate the claims process and coordinate all of the necessary paperwork for a quicker and easier experience. When our team of experts perform your fire damage restoration work, you can focus on other issues and leave the rest up to us. We are proud to be the company insurance providers, their agents, and adjusters rely on to serve the essential needs of policyholders, all while still maintaining the highest quality of service that has led us to becoming the highest rated fire damage restoration company in the business. Through our knowledge and experience restoring fire and smoke damaged homes and businesses, we have created exceptional practices and leveraged burgeoning technology to help the industry move towards becoming more efficient. You can rely on us to get you back to the normal you know.

Why Choose Us

IICRC Certified Firm

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Frequently Asked Question

Contact a local disaster relief agency and your insurance company for immediate assistance, especially if you’ve been displaced. Try to locate any necessary documents you’ll need, like a driver’s license and other records, but don’t enter the structure unless the fire department has deemed it safe for you to do so, first.

Most restoration companies also provide board-up services to prevent possible theft. A proper board-up should include using plywood bolted from inside the dwelling over windows. The front door should have a secure lock.

The length of time varies on the extent of the damage. Additionally, local authorities and insurance professionals will also want to investigate the damage before the restoration company can start the clean-up. A small fire can take just a few weeks, whereas major losses could take many months.


Sandy LaSandy La
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We cannot say enough great things about Joe and his whole crew. Professional, patient, thorough, and honest. Will hands down recommend this team of professionals for any remediation or inspections you may have!
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I can't recommend enough - Joe the owner was great at explaining everything in detail over the phone and really took extra time to make sure he was giving the best service possible.In addition to top notch customer service they were quick, clean, careful and very fairly priced. HIGHLY recommended if you have any mold issues.
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Joe is amazing. He is easily the most helpful and reliable person I've used for any kind of home services. He responds quickly to all my questions and goes above and beyond to help. I have a very old stone basement that is prone to water and humidity issues and I'm very grateful that I have Joe to help me out with it. I can't recommend him and MSI enough.
Joe TenutoJoe Tenuto
16:23 20 Sep 22
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23:11 10 Sep 21
After Ida left our basement floor soaked I called several businesses to try to get the remediation process started before the mold went out of control. Joe, the owner of MSI, called me back within the hour, explained that (understandably) they were very busy, but did arrange for someone to assess the damage that day. Joe kept in communication with me, promised he'd get me on the schedule within a couple of days, and did so. Joe and his team were professional, up-front and thorough. The service from MSI was exceptional. There are not many businesses that are still run this way.
Kevlin KauffmanKevlin Kauffman
12:12 02 Feb 21
Joe is the owner and truly cares about the quality of his work. Joe is professional, punctual, knowledgeable, honest, fair. Joe showed up on time and educated me on the whole process as he performed it. Joe personally called me when the results were in and explained the results. Thank goodness no mold was detected! I (and my friends and family) will be using MSI for all our mold issue!
Michelle HongMichelle Hong
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I have called on Joe and his team at MSI three times over the past 7 years. Each time, they were prompt to respond, extremely professional, friendly, quick and thorough. This last time we had a water leak from our third floor bathroom that seeped down to our first floor kitchen. It actually was a great relief in the back of my mind to know that I already had a great contractor in mind. I emailed Joe at 4 am on a Sunday morning and he was on the phone with me by 10 am. He squeezed me into his calendar even though he was already booked solid from a hurricane that had blown through our region the previous week. He is just one of those people who you want to have on your speed dial as a homeowner, even if you hope never to have to use his services. Highly recommend him.