Consultation Service


Our 25 plus years of experience in the field of damage restoration has led us to encounter a myriad of property and content damage losses to both residential and commercial properties. In a lot of these situations, the property damage itself could have been avoided by following a maintenance plan or addressing issues before they become serious problems. Going beyond just mold inspections and water damage assessments, we at Mold Solutions & Inspections also offer consulting to a wide range of individuals and firms themselves in the pursuit of drafting maintenance schedules and/or addressing potential “hot spot” areas which could eventually lead to catastrophic losses. We have worked with many property management firms, real estate companies, individual landlords, hotels and even contractors in the pursuit of educating them further in matters dealing with mold, water and fire, in how to prevent such losses and what do when a loss does occur.

These consultations have led to saving of property damage, personal content and thousands of dollars with simple plans and routine checks all in an effort to minimize or eliminate property damage. We also offer regular inspection plans of apartments or commercial spaces at discounted rates to address newly discovered issues, or for proper documentation against potential lawsuits from employees claiming work site illnesses due to poor indoor air quality. For more information about our consultation services, give us a call today.

Property Management

One of the biggest issues landlords and buildings owners face is the potential risks of their tenants or employees claiming illnesses because of mold growth in a space. Sometimes this threat is real, and other times it may be just a tenant trying to find a route in not paying rent on time. By having our team assist with maintenance schedules, plans and routine inspections, such issues can be avoided thusly saving you thousands of dollars in lost rent, enormous amounts of time, and even costly lawyer consultation fees. Our comprehensive consultation services include:

  • target iconMold testing for both residential and commercial properties.
  • target iconWater damage assessments.
  • target iconMoisture mapping.
  • target iconBuilding drainage issues.
  • target iconThermal imaging for moisture issues and air leaks.
  • target iconDetailed remediation scopes when needed.
  • target iconData interpretation of existing reports.
  • target iconLitigation support and expert witness services.

Consultation Service

Legal Support/Expert Witness

Over the last 4 years alone, we have worked on 21 court cases and counting serving as an expert witness for claims involving insurance company denials, property losses, sicknesses due to mold in residential and commercial properties and false statements on seller’s disclosure lists leading to mass property loss or damage. We have drafted comprehensive reports for such claims and have testified in federal cases involving major property losses and/or personal injuries.

Many companies claim to have worked on court cases but when the proper reports are due or a trial is set, they fall short to deliver on their promises with inept reports lacking the detail needed for complicated cases or are improperly prepared to present their findings under the pressure of a jury or federal hearing. We at Mold Solutions & Inspections have the experience of performing under said pressure as the star witness in any setting, with an impressive record for all proceedings to which we took apart of.

Fungal infections can be dangerous and even fatal, especially systemic invasive infections that proliferate in the bloodstream and major organs like the liver, kidneys and lungs. The rise in systemic fungal infections, like bacterial infections, are becoming resistant to the anti fungal therapies available today which make them even more dangerous and potentially deadly. With this knowledge, negligence on the part of property owners or leasing firms is leading to more individuals becoming ill or experiencing “sick building syndrome.” More cases for mold exposure are being filed each year, so trusting a mold firm like ours who have proven experience and results can be time saving and have immense added value to any case. Contact us today to discuss our legal support.


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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t own the property, you should first contact your landlord or leasing agent and tell them about your concerns. If your potential issue doesn’t get resolved, you may then have to get a mold inspection done, but this will be at your own cost.

Contact a personal injury lawyer that specializes in mold and water damage cases, or even some real estate attorneys that also specialize in these types of suits. The consultation is usually free and they can decipher if you have a case or not.

In cases where employees have developed illnesses from mold exposure in the work place, you may be able to file a worker’s compensation claim. This would require a consultation with an experienced workers’ compensation law firm, as this is an evolving area of the law and will depend on many circumstances.