When The Unthinkable May Occur, You Can Put Your Trust That We Will Be There To Assist You In Your Time Of Need.

Our Emergency Response Team is on call 24/7

When The Unthinkable May Occur, You Can Put Your Trust That We Will Be There To Assist You In Your Time Of Need. Our Emergency Response Team is on call 24/7 We treat your situation with the highest level of respect & hold every detail of your work in total & complete confidence. We provide a wide range of Bio-Recovery and Decontamination services to suit any need you may have. Our team will assist you from start to finish to ease your burden by working directly with your insurance company by handling all calls and paperwork, ensuring that you are covered for our services.

Crime & Trauma Scene Clean Up

No one can ever anticipate a traumatic event occurring in their home or business. Such events that involve blood or other biohazards pose major safety risks, & improper cleanup of these hazards may result in serious consequences, including possible disease outbreak. Rapid response to such events can also limit damage to personal contents & the structure of your home or business. Biohazard remediation refers to the removal, cleaning, & disinfection of blood, bodily fluids, and other potentially harmful pathogens in affected areas after a death, accident, or communicable disease outbreak.


Because of the high exposure risk to bloodborne pathogens, biohazard remediation is a specialty service that requires proper training, equipment, certification, & licensing. Improper cleanup & even the slightest exposure can result in the transfer of blood-borne pathogens like HIV, Hepatitis B or C, MRSA & more. Bloodborne pathogens are any type of virus, disease, or bacteria that can be found in the bodily fluid. We’ve outlined a few basic do’s and don’ts for you until we arrive on the scene. Handling a crime scene at your property presents a lot of difficult situations, but clean up shouldn’t be one of them.

Here’s a list of what to do if you ever find yourself in this terrible situation.

Call the Authorities

Calling 911 should always be the first step in dealing with any crime scene.

Shut off Access to the Scene

Be sure that you, your tenants or customers don't enter or alter a crime scene.

Cooperate with the Police Investigation

Once help arrives, cooperating with the proper authorities is a must. While the length of this stage may vary depending on the investigation, you may be forced to shut close your facility or relocate tenants.

Call Our team

Call Our team of highly trained professionals that will help you quickly, safely and discreetly get you back to normal while working with your insurance company.

Unattended Deaths

An unattended death is when the body of a deceased individual is found days, weeks or even longer after they’ve expired. The processes of decomposition, which includes insidious bacterial growth, is as unpleasant to clean as it is to witness. Such bacteria can permeate carpeting, wood flooring, clothing, furniture, essentially the entire home in only a few days.


The cleanup of an unattended death is very difficult and could pose many challenges. As the body goes through the various stages of decomposition, bodily fluids and other potentially infectious materials are released which can cause the homeowners and the remediation technicians serious illnesses. Attempting to clean up these type of losses isn’t suggested, nor is allowing an inexperienced company who isn’t properly trained and certified either.

Each case of unattended death is quite different than the other, but one thing is for sure; only a certified and insured company should handle these types of cleanups. There are various dangers allowing anyone to clean up an unattended death and this type of mitigation should not be taken likely. If a family member or friend unexpectedly dies, it is a very trying time, but be sure to remember that unattended death cleanup should always be handled by a trusted company who can arrive promptly and assure the property is safe of any future hazards.

Suicide Cleanup

The trauma of dealing with a loved one who takes their own life is unbearable. You can also be left with a home affected by blood, body fluids, and sometimes property damage. We are fully committed to restoring your home back to pre-loss conditions in a quick and safe manner. We are discreet and ensure that your business remains your business, and will never speak to anyone about your loss. We adhere to OSHA regulations concerning bloodborne pathogens and practice universal precautions to protect our employees and customers. If a tragic event should occur in your home or business, you can trust us to alleviate the burden of what’s left behind, while showing you’re the compassion and respect you deserve.


What Is Our Process?

  • target iconCommunication with your Insurance Company, (Where Applied)
  • target iconComplete decontamination of all affected areas and all contents within the containment.
  • target iconAssessment of the affected areas
  • target iconSecure and appropriate disposal of all unsalvageable items
  • target iconDocumentation & photo record of all items
  • target iconFinal walk through with home owner & insurance adjusters

Whenever you may have a need for such services, just know that we will be there. No matter the time or day, we are always on call to respond to your needs in a professional, meticulous & confidential manner. Please do not use our email system for emergency services, rather call our office and one of the members from our Emergency Response Team will assist you.


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Frequently Asked Question

The EPA recommends an ideal relative humidity between 35% – 50%. In order to maintain this level, a specialized high capacity dehumidifier is typically required as most air conditioners and conventional dehumidifiers are not designed to consistently achieve dew points low enough to avoid condensation or high RH levels

Musty odors are typically a result of high humidity levels in the crawl space and basement. This polluted air below the house will eventually move to the rest of the house, carrying musty odors and other contaminates. Specifically, musty odors in your home come from the off gassing of mold spores when they feed on organic materials.

Energy Efficient. Large capacity. Commercial quality. Reliability. Superior Filtration (MERV-13), and an industry-leading warranty. These unit are also capable of handling large areas with minimal electricity use as compared to smaller plastic units.

Crime scene cleanup is a service provided to home and business owners after a traumatic event occurs. This could be the cleanup of blood, other bodily fluids and potentially infectious materials which could pose a major health risk to occupants or untrained workers/employees.

Unattended death involves the cleanup of potentially infectious materials when a body is discovered long after its expiration. This not only involves decomposition cleaning, but also the removal of odors which can permeate through rooms and even multiple floors.

In most cases, this type of service is covered by your insurance, but you always should call your adjuster or the company themselves to confirm the coverage and potential limitations. Some local governments also provide crime victim funds in cases where your insurance may not cover the loss.


Sandy LaSandy La
17:38 06 Mar 24
We cannot say enough great things about Joe and his whole crew. Professional, patient, thorough, and honest. Will hands down recommend this team of professionals for any remediation or inspections you may have!
Todd O'LearyTodd O'Leary
14:43 05 Mar 24
I can't recommend enough - Joe the owner was great at explaining everything in detail over the phone and really took extra time to make sure he was giving the best service possible.In addition to top notch customer service they were quick, clean, careful and very fairly priced. HIGHLY recommended if you have any mold issues.
Matthew ScobellMatthew Scobell
13:50 13 Jul 23
Joe is amazing. He is easily the most helpful and reliable person I've used for any kind of home services. He responds quickly to all my questions and goes above and beyond to help. I have a very old stone basement that is prone to water and humidity issues and I'm very grateful that I have Joe to help me out with it. I can't recommend him and MSI enough.
Joe TenutoJoe Tenuto
16:23 20 Sep 22
Alice DAlice D
23:11 10 Sep 21
After Ida left our basement floor soaked I called several businesses to try to get the remediation process started before the mold went out of control. Joe, the owner of MSI, called me back within the hour, explained that (understandably) they were very busy, but did arrange for someone to assess the damage that day. Joe kept in communication with me, promised he'd get me on the schedule within a couple of days, and did so. Joe and his team were professional, up-front and thorough. The service from MSI was exceptional. There are not many businesses that are still run this way.
Kevlin KauffmanKevlin Kauffman
12:12 02 Feb 21
Joe is the owner and truly cares about the quality of his work. Joe is professional, punctual, knowledgeable, honest, fair. Joe showed up on time and educated me on the whole process as he performed it. Joe personally called me when the results were in and explained the results. Thank goodness no mold was detected! I (and my friends and family) will be using MSI for all our mold issue!
Michelle HongMichelle Hong
15:32 27 Sep 20
I have called on Joe and his team at MSI three times over the past 7 years. Each time, they were prompt to respond, extremely professional, friendly, quick and thorough. This last time we had a water leak from our third floor bathroom that seeped down to our first floor kitchen. It actually was a great relief in the back of my mind to know that I already had a great contractor in mind. I emailed Joe at 4 am on a Sunday morning and he was on the phone with me by 10 am. He squeezed me into his calendar even though he was already booked solid from a hurricane that had blown through our region the previous week. He is just one of those people who you want to have on your speed dial as a homeowner, even if you hope never to have to use his services. Highly recommend him.