Water Damage in Audubon, NJ

Water damage can be so devastating in terms of losses and inconvenience. In the past, people have lost billions worth of properties due to water damage. When such a calamity strikes, the level of damage often depends on the response of water extraction experts. Any delays will result to further losses. To save part of your properties, you need restoration professionals. In such situations, it is always important to remain calm and try to keep everything under control. Ideally, this should not be the time to panic. Instead, you should put yourself together and seek the services of professionals.

Beyond water extraction

As opposed to what many people believe, water extraction and restoration isn’t all about removing water from unwanted surfaces. Here at Biowashing, our procedure goes far beyond removal of water. Since our company offers both water extraction and mold removal services, we understand the need for sterilization of the affected area after water restoration. This way, it is possible to put up a spirited fight against the growth of mold in your house. When it comes to sterilization and structural drying of surfaces, we are the best crew around. Our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of customers.

When to contact us

After major floods, your basement is likely to be affected by dampened conditions. Dehumidifying the area on your own might turn out to be challenging. If not handled properly, accumulation of excess moisture over time can promote microbial growth. Worse still, hiring an inexperienced crew to get the job done can result in significant losses. For someone who cares so much about his home, this is the last thing you would want to happen. That gives you every reason to seek the services of professionals. At Biowashing, we service the Audubon area and beyond. Are you in Audubon or its surrounding? We have you covered!

Commercial water damage restoration

Homes and apartments aren’t the only places affected by extensive water damage. Even our work places fall victims at times. When such a thing happens, you should be keen on the kind of people you contact to do the job. Having been certified in both mold inspection and mold remediation, we have an added advantage over our competitors with expertise in water extraction only. We will remove excess moisture from the building and then embark on a thorough structural drying process. With the massive experience we have amassed over the years, you can trust us to get the job carried out to perfection.

Extra services

After the conventional restorative drying process, our water damage experts in Audubon will offer sterilization services to curb microbial growth. With such services, you can be certain of your home of offices staying clear of mold growth. Can you access these services during an emergency? It has never been difficult. By simply initiating contact with one of our representatives, you will be able to receive sustainable help. The good news is; you are free to do this any time of the day!