The Pressure Sale123

Many clients explain to me that my competitors use many tactics to close a contract and one is the Pressure Sale.  This is using every possible tool they have in their bag to persuade a customer into signing a contract.  Homeowners need to remember that these contractors do not work for you, and you’re not obligated to listen to their pitch.  Recently, a customer of ours told me that a different company came out to look at a mold issue, and stayed in their home for hours, almost refusing to leave and urging them to sign a contract.  Now this may sound like an exaggeration, but it isn’t.  And in fact, it happens more than one would think.  The biggest key to dealing with a contractor like this, or any contractor for that matter, is to give them a window of time to explain what they can do and at what cost.  It’s to set the rules, since after all, it is your time and your home.  And when they overstay their welcome, do not feel guilty to ask them to leave, or just explain to them that, “your time is up.”  You don’t need to listen to a contractor that you know you’re already uncomfortable with, nor do you have to entertain their Pressure Sale.  The reason most of the companies use this tactic anyhow is because they’re not really busy and it’s the only way they can get jobs.  This first impression should also give you insight into knowing what it might be like to deal with them if they are hired.

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About the author: Joe Fiorilli