The Need For An Exhaust Fan123

The Need For An Exhaust Fan

A common call we get is about mold/water damage above a shower. The first question I ask is if they have an exhaust fan. Mostly the answer is no. When you take a hot shower the steam will naturally rise up to the ceiling, leaving it wet for hours on end. Eventually, mold will be able to grow and your only course of action is to have the ceiling removed. By installing an exhaust fan, the moist air will be vacuumed into the ducting and filtered to the exterior. Never just vent your fan into the attic, because then you will have an entire attic covered in mold. If you do have an exhaust fan and are still getting damage above your head, it could be because the fan is inadequate in size, or the fact that the fan isn’t located in the proper area.

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About the author: Joe Fiorilli