Recent Flooding in New Jersey123

The heavy snow and tides caused severe damage in some New Jersey shore towns making memories of Hurricane Sandy resurface.  Flooding in Ocean City New Jersey was especially bad, as was flooding in Cape May County and Wildwood.  Home owners need to be prepared for the hoards of restoration contractors and public adjusters that will be hounding them for the next few weeks. Storms like this is how most make the majority of their money, but a lot of their promises will come up short and you may be left holding the bag on a lot of unpaid items, or services which weren’t covered under your policy.  Read your policy carefully, and do not trust what you hear over the phone from a restoration contractor.  Rather, be apart of the process and double check that the Water Restoration contractor is not going above what’s needed just to make their bill higher and the public adjuster happy.  Make sure you read your policy through and through, and ask questions so you fully understand the complete process of your claim.  And do your own documentation, so you have backup which can help expedite your claim quickly and get your property back to pre-loss conditions.   Having a public adjuster or Water Damage Restoration contractor go above what’s needed to inflate a bill puts you in jeopardy of being denied and later dropped by your carrier for fraud.

About the author: Joe Fiorilli