Immediate Response Time123

When a water loss occurs in a building, it is imperative to act quickly. Many remediation contractors claim to have 24 Hour Emergency Service, but fail to answer calls after hours, on weekends, holidays, or even at all. The importance of quick response time will not only remove the standing water from the home, but it also limits the amount of content damage, water wicking, potential mold growth, etc. Mold can germinate within 24 to 48 hours, so having a home or building with standing water and wet building materials will be a feeding ground for rapid growth. The relative humidity will be extremely elevated in these situations, and it will not take long for mold to begin growing and hence, become a more costly remediation project. The right remediation contractor will respond immediately, pump out all existing water, remove all damaged building materials which can be dried, clean the effected areas and place the necessary equipment to structurally dry out the facility. They will clean and dry out all contents and/or document all losses while monitoring the equipment left behind for several days until the building is completely dry and structurally sound. This immediate response process will limit the amount of damage and bring the home back to pre-loss conditions much quicker than a remediation contractor who waits and allows the water to dwell long enough to cause significant and unnecessary damage to both the building and the contents within. So it is important if you ever suffer a loss in your home or commercial property to act quickly and find the right water restoration contractor who will promptly restore your loss in a timely fashion while following all of the necessary guidelines to insure the building is structurally dry and free from any potential microbial growth.

About the author: Joe Fiorilli