Getting What You Pay For – Part 3123

For Part 3, we’ll discuss the difference between contractor #1 and #2 by using equipment as the example.  

Contractor #1, like many contractors in the restoration business, have very old and even used equipment.  And a couple very important pieces of equipment when completing a mold remediation project are HEPA vacuums, air scrubbers and negative air machines.  A HEPA vacuum, (Which is something we dedicated an entire blog too), removes loose particulate prior to any spray application being applied.  Air scrubbers filter the air through a series of HEPA filters down to 0.3 microns.  And a negative air machine basically takes air from the interior of the property and discharges it to the exterior.  

A Restoration Contractors’ equipment are vital to the remediation process, and any compromise to their equipment can cause cross contamination.  When home owners hire certain contractors that have the cheapest prices, sometimes they’ll witness their contractor using very old and very poorly maintained equipment.  Servicing each piece of equipment after each use is also something that very few contractors in the restoration business do, because it is a time consuming and costly process.  This too can weigh in as to why some contractors charge more than others as apart of their estimates.

Thousands of dollars can be spent on higher grade equipment, and even more can be spent maintaining them.  So, asking questions about equipment being used can also give you some insight as to why some contractors charge more than others.

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About the author: Joe Fiorilli