Categories of Water – Part 1123

When water loss occurs, determining the type of water which enters the structure is vital in determining the proper steps needed to restore the dwelling back to pre-loss condition.  Water intrusion is broken down into 3 Categories.

Based on the source of water, the length of time the water has been allowed to dwell in the structure, the temperature, and pre-existing conditions, it is possible to asses the category and employ the appropriate means of restoration.  Here are the following categories:

Category 1

Water from a clean source with no substantial risk of causing sickness or discomfort is said to be Category 1, or clean.  In order to remain Category 1, water must not have been present for a substantial amount of time, and materials affected must be cleaned and maintained.  Certain odors from the water loss can indicate that the water is not Category 1.

Examples of Category 1 water include broken water supply lines, tub or sink overflows with no contaminants, and appliance malfunctions involving water supply lines.

Once the loss has been established as Category 1, the structural drying can proceed.  It is possible to restore the structure to pre-loss conditions by thoroughly and rapidly drying materials, and only replacing materials which have permanent structural or aesthetic damage.

Part 2 will include both Category 2 and 3 descriptions.

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About the author: Joe Fiorilli