Not Every Mold Removal Job Is Alike, Since The Surface Of Growth Will Dictate The Remediation Scope

Not every mold removal job is alike, since the surface of growth will dictate the remediation scope. Nor should mold in your home or business be taken lightly, as individuals within the dwelling could become seriously ill. It can take less than 72 hours for mold to begin to spread within your home or business, which can certainly disturb your livelihood and operations. We are able to mitigate mold damage with minimal disruption for you and/or your occupants, alleviating any additional stress through the remediation process

Since 1998, we have completed thousands of remediation projects for homes and businesses alike. Our level of expertise and attention to detail is second to none, hence the reason we are the highest rated, most awarded, and most trusted mold remediation contractor in our area. We have served as expert witnesses on dozens of cases involving mold for both residential and commercial properties, and have earned a reputation as one of the primer firms for mold involved lawsuits.


Our technicians are thoroughly screened, fully insured and IICRC certified to remediate property damage, and must complete several hours of continuing education classes each year. We provide a level of care and understanding for each project we take, treating your home as if it were ours, and not just another job. Our unwavering commitment to our customers is what separates us from the rest. If you should have a mold issue in your home or business, you can trust us to get it done right the first time.

Nor should mold in your home or business be taken lightly, as individuals within the dwelling could become seriously ill. At Mold Solutions & Inspections, we’ve been handling all different types of mold remediation issues since 1998, and have done so while also winning more awards than any other company around. We hold the highest level of certifications and training, while making every employee attend yearly classes, insuring that we’re always on top of our game.


We’ve won the Angie’s List Award for Mold Remediation 9 Consecutive Years in a Row, a feat that no other company has ever even come close to, and have completed thousands of mold removal projects in both residential and commercial buildings alike. You know that you can put your trust in us, if a mold problem should arise in your home or business.

Our Process is as Follows:

Our level of expertise and detail tour work is unmatched, hence the reason that we are the highest rated mold removal company on every major website and search engine around. You can trust that when you hire us for your mold remediation project, we will get the job done right, the first time.

What Is Our Process?

  • target iconCONTAINMENT
  • target iconCOVER & PROTECT
  • target iconAIR CONTROL
  • target iconHEPA VACUUM
  • target iconCLEANING PROCESS
  • target iconCLEANING PROCESS
  • target iconHEPA VACUUMING
  • target iconENCAPSULATING

Signs of Mold Issues

Mold can grow in any level of your home if you have excess moisture or humidity issues. Identifying signs of water damage, or problem area early on can minimize your chances for mold growth and thus needing remediation. Here are some of the main area’s inside and outside your home that lead to mold growth:

  • Recurring water leaks from plumbing, HVAC systems, and building defects like roofing and/or foundation leaks.
  • Adverse health effects which include coughing, runny nose, persistent headaches, etc.
  • High levels of humidity in your basement along with musty odors.
  • Water stains in walls, ceilings or floors.

Mold Basics

Molds are part of the natural environment. Molds are fungi that can be found anywhere – inside or outside – throughout the year. About 1,000 species of mold can be found in the United States, with more than 100,000 known species worldwide. Indoors, mold growth should be avoided. Problems may arise when mold starts eating away at materials, affecting the look, smell, and possibly, with the respect to wood-framed buildings, affecting the structural integrity of the buildings. Molds can grow on virtually any substance, as long as moisture or water, oxygen, and an organic source are present.

mold basics

They reproduce by creating tiny spores (viable seeds) that usually cannot be seen without magnification. Spores continually float through the indoor and outdoor air, thus requiring mold remediation .Molds are usually not a problem unless mold spores land on a damp spot and begin growing. They digest whatever they land on in order to survive. There are molds that grow on wood, paper, carpet, foods and insulation, while other molds feast on the everyday dust and dirt that gather in the moist regions of a building. When excessive moisture or water accumulates indoors, mold growth often will occur, particularly if the moisture problem remains uncorrected.

mold basics
mold basics

All molds share the characteristic of being able to grow without sunlight; mold needs only a viable seed (spore), a nutrient source, moisture, and the right temperature to proliferate. This explains why mold infestation is often found in damp, dark, hidden spaces; light and air circulation dry areas out, making them less hospitable for mold. Molds gradually damage building materials and furnishings. Since mold requires water to grow, it is important to prevent excessive moisture in buildings. Some moisture problems in buildings have been linked to changes in building construction practices since the 1970s, which resulted in tightly sealed buildings with diminished ventilation, contributing to moisture vapor buildup. Since mold requires water to grow, it is important to prevent excessive moisture in buildings. Some moisture problems in buildings have been linked to changes in building construction practices since the 1970s, which resulted in tightly sealed buildings with diminished ventilation, contributing to moisture vapor buildup.

Mold Inspection Services offered for residents of Philadelphia PA, Delaware County PA, Bucks County PA, Montgomery County PA, Chester County PA, Lehigh County PA, Camden County NJ, Mercer County NJ, Burlington County NJ, Gloucester County NJ, Monmouth County NJ and Delaware.

Types of Inspections

Understanding the various types of inspections when dealing with mold will better assist you in coming to a decision on not only which type of inspection to chose, but also the limitations of each that could effect the results. As of today, there aren’t any protocol’s for contractors to follow when doing a Mold Inspection. This is the reason that too many companies in this business will treat a mold inspection more like a paycheck than a service to identify whether or not a home or business has mold growth. So let’s look into some various types of mold inspection services and show their pros and cons.

mold basics

Air Sampling

Air Sampling is the use of a Bio-Pump which employs forced air to impact spores onto a collection media or cassette. Samples are generally best taken if visual, non-invasive examination reveals apparent mold growth or conditions that could lead to growth, such as moisture intrusion or water damage. Samples are laboratory tested and analyzed and will identify if mold is present, the type of mold and the spore counts against a control. A control is an outdoor sample taken at the inspection to measure the interior air against the outdoor air as a comparison.

mold basics


  • Collection Medias or Cassettes are laboratory tested from accredited firms
  • High level of accuracy and detailed mold reports.
  • Fairly inexpensive against other forms of mold tests.
mold basics


  • Limited range or square foot coverage.
  • Multiple samples are needed for detailed analysis.
  • Limited to only collecting spores to which are airborne.

Surface Sampling

Surface sampling is a method of sampling a suspect area directly and then submitting that sample to a laboratory for results. Is can determine and identify molds actually growing on the surface sampled, as opposed to the mere presence of mold spores.



  • Great for sampling visible mold growth
  • Can reveal spores prior to becoming airborne.
  • Fairly inexpensive.


  • Only for visible suspect areas
  • Can not detect mold behind walls

Our Water Restoration Process

Water damage in your home or business can cause a myriad of issues leading to structural problems, damage to building materials and personal content loss if not dealt with in a quick manner. With a proper water restoration plan, those issues can be dramatically reduced, and that’s where we come into play.


Our professional and award winning water damage restoration services can protect your property from secondary damage, giving you peace of mind in knowing that your home or business will be restored with the upmost care and efficiency. Our water damage restoration process is as follows:

  • Source Identification – We will find the source of water and have it stopped.
  • Extraction – This is the process of removing the water using various methods like absorbing, draining, pumping and vacuuming
  • Monitoring – We will take atmospheric and moisture readings to see the drying rate, make any adjustments if needed to expedite the drying process which eliminates excessive moisture and uncontrolled levels of humidity.
  • Assessing the Extent of Damage – We’ll inspect the building, and start the documentation process. This also includes determining the category of water which indicates the level of contamination.
  • Structural Drying – Once the water is removed the drying process can begin. Air movers and dehumidifiers are placed to evaporate and extract all excess moisture from the structure.

Once the water restoration process is finished, we then will create the final documentation which includes, photos, invoicing and drying logs for submittal to you or your insurance company directly, and assist you throughout the entire claims process.

Why Immediate Action Is Needed

  • Within minutes after the blaze is extinguished, acidic soot residue causes discoloration of plastics. Certain materials like marble and alabaster could be marred permanently.
  • It only takes a matter of hours for acidic soot to cause yellowing of bath fixtures, counter tops, & the tarnishing of unprotected metals. Furniture & appliances may also discolor.
mold basics
  • Within days, acid residues may permanently discolor walls and cause corrosion and rusting of metals. Flooring made of wood or vinyl must be replaced (or at the least refinished), and textiles such as clothing and furniture upholstery becomes irreparably stained.
mold basics
  • In a matter of weeks, carpet may become unsalvageable due to discoloration. Silver-plated fixtures are irreversibly corroded. Glass, crystal, and china may become severely etched and pitted due to extended exposure to acidic soot residue.

Our Fire Restoration Process

Not every situation is the same when it comes to fire and smoke damage losses. Each situation will call for a specific solution, although the remediation process mainly stays the same. Here’s how our fire restoration process works:

Emergency Contact

Inspection and Fire Damage Assessment

Immediate Board-Up and Roof-Tarp Service

Water Removal and Drying

Removal Of Smoke and Soot From All Surfaces

Cleaning And Sanitizing


Our certified staff is on call 24/7 no matter the time or date to ensure the fastest response time if the unthinkable should occur. We will work directly with your insurance company to navigate the claims process and coordinate all of the necessary paperwork for a quicker and easier experience. When our team of experts perform your fire damage restoration work, you can focus on other issues and leave the rest up to us. We are proud to be the company insurance providers, their agents, and adjusters rely on to serve the essential needs of policyholders, all while still maintaining the highest quality of service that has led us to becoming the highest rated fire damage restoration company in the business. Through our knowledge and experience restoring fire and smoke damaged homes and businesses, we have created exceptional practices and leveraged burgeoning technology to help the industry move towards becoming more efficient. You can rely on us to get you back to the normal you know.

Here’s a list of what to do if you ever find yourself in this terrible situation.

Call the Authorities

Calling 911 should always be the first step in dealing with any crime scene.

Shut off Access to the Scene

Be sure that you, your tenants or customers don't enter or alter a crime scene.

Cooperate with the Police Investigation

Once help arrives, cooperating with the proper authorities is a must. While the length of this stage may vary depending on the investigation, you may be forced to shut close your facility or relocate tenants.

Call Our team

Call Our team of highly trained professionals that will help you quickly, safely and discreetly get you back to normal while working with your insurance company.


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Frequently Asked Question

Mold is a fungal growth that forms and spreads on various kinds of damp or decaying organic matter. Molds are vital in nature to decompose organic material, but when found indoors molds can produce adverse health affects as well as structural deficiencies in buildings.

Excess moisture is generally the cause of indoor mold growth. Molds reproduce by releasing tiny spores and when they settle on wet or moist surfaces, the spores can form new mold colonies. Moderate temperatures and available nutrient sources make most office buildings ideal for mold growth.

Hiring an inexperienced remediation company or just a general contractor can result in cross contamination and more severe health issues. Only a highly trained, certified and properly insured remediation contractor should handle jobs with mold.