What Now?123

When a death or traumatic event occurs unexpectedly or in a violent manner, most property owners lack the knowledge or experience to know what to do.  In certain situations a family member may take their own life leaving a scene which contains biological and potentially infectious waste behind.  Other times a family member or friend may have died in the home and wasn’t discovered for several days after, leaving a residue and odor.  The first thing to know, is that their are companies who specialize in this particular type of cleaning.  Trained and certified individuals who also carry special insurance policies for such matters when they arise who can handle the job and bring you some sort of comfort.  CTS Decon, (Crime & Trauma Scene Decontamination), is a field where training is needed, and only those who are certified can carry the proper insurance for this type of work.  This is very important to understand because hiring anyone to clean a scene where blood is involved could lead you to possible litigation.  For instance, you lost someone in your family to a suicide who took their own life buy using a gun.  This type of situation will cause a significant amount of spatter.  You hire any kind of cleaning company to come in and clean the scene, when one of the workers gets poked with a blood soaked tack strip.  Unbeknownst to you, that family member who died had HIV.  Now the worker is infected and files a suit against the company and you for his infliction.  It may sound outlandish, but it is a strong possibility and because the company you hired didn’t have the training or the proper insurance, you too are liable.  If the situation should arise where you are left to deal with the aftermath of a loss, it is imperative to know that you will need a company who is trained, certified and insured for this type of loss.  Hopefully it will never happen, but being prepared can go along way.

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About the author: Joe Fiorilli