Water Damage Errors123

Currently we’re involved in a project where a water restoration company was called to perform structural drying on a home in Horsham, PA.  As many water restoration companies do, they limited the proper removal of affected materials and just placed a slew of equipment in the home.  A few weeks later, the owners started to smell mold and called us out to do an inspection.  In every area where the franchise company from the insurance company was supposed to do proper water damage restoration, mold was growing.  Now, after the basement has been rebuilt, we’re removing the walls again so we can not only perform proper water mitigation, but also mold remediation.  How can you avoid this? One simple step is to remember, as I always wrote, you are fully within your right to hire whatever company you see fit which will allow you the opportunity to research the right water damage restoration company for your home or business.  You do not have to use who the insurance company recommends.  You can also check their work, request all the documentation to assure that you’re policy is not being billed for items that weren’t completed, and you could also hire a third party inspector to check everything once they claim they’re finished.  Visit our website by clicking the link below to get more helpful hints.


About the author: Joe Fiorilli