Water Damage Berwyn Pa123

Countless times I remind people of doing there due diligence when hiring any type of contractor, and the picture below should indicate why.  A customer in Berwyn Pa., suffered a water loss from a break in a plumbing line under the sink, and they listened to the insurance company and hired a franchise restoration company to perform the work.  A couple of weeks, later they began to notice a smell and after several failed attempts to contact the contractor, they called us and I quickly identified that under a piece of furniture on the opposite side wall of the kitchen, water had tracked through and damaged the flooring.  The floors, which may have been saved if they were initially treated and dried, now had to be removed since they buckled and the smell the home owner was being exposed to was in fact mold.  So remember, when putting a claim through your insurance, you can hire any contractor you want, so long as their certified and insured in the type of loss, and really look into that company to make sure they’re right for the job.DSCN4033.JPG

About the author: Joe Fiorilli