Smoke Damage in Penn Valley PA123

DSCN2116A customer in Penn Valley Pennsylvania purchased a new oven from a big box store and had them install it.  The delivery men installed the oven, and then proceeded to turn it on while instructing the home owner to allow the oven to run for a half hour prior to turning it off.  As she signed all of the papers and watched them leave her house, smoke began to fill her kitchen.  She immediately turned off the oven and noticed that the men who installed it, never took out the plastic out from the inside.  This caused the home not only to be filled with smoke, but also have a strong odor of burnt plastic.  In the photo,the cabinet looks clean and without any damage, but as the dry sponge shows, the a thin residue was built up on the cabinets and surrounding walls.

About the author: Joe Fiorilli