Real Emergency Service123


So many companies claim to have 24 hour emergency service, but do they really?  Many instances customer will tell us that they had some sort of an issue, called a few contractors and either no one called them back, or they tried to offer their service the next business day.  I can not emphasize enough that when a water loss occurs in a home, removing the water and drying the structure as soon as possible is imperative.  It not only reduces the chance of microbial growth, but it also can potentially save items and materials which were involved in the loss.  Pictured here was a basement where a hot water tank burst and did significant damage.  The home owner called several companies who didn’t respond, and then he called us.  We were there within an hour and were able to save personal items that were wet and the carpeting.  In conclusion, many companies will claim 24 Hour Emergency Service because it attracts potential clients, but insuring your contractor does offer the service when needed can save you thousands of dollars when a loss occurs.

About the author: Joe Fiorilli