Poor Window Installation – Part 1123

Poor installation of windows can affect any property, old or new.  Not every company who installs windows takes the time to properly insure that the window is not only straight, but also water tight.  A couple of problem signs with windows may be, leakage, sashes which are too large for the frame, air leaks, and no warranty given after installation.  Poorly installed windows can not only result in water damage and mold, but also structural damage as they can leak for months prior to a home owner noticing any damage.  Doing your due diligence about the installer but also the window is time well spent.  Incorrectly installed windows can not only result in major interior damage, but also cost you money by having to take the window out and start from scratch with an entirely new window.   Look for Part 2 as we’ll post pictures showing some of the interior damage caused by poor window installation.

About the author: Joe Fiorilli