Plumbing Issues – Part 1123

Why would a restoration company write blogs on plumbing issues?  Because 30% of our work comes from faulty plumbing or poor maintenance.  Here’s a few tips in the next blogs to help you possibly avoid major damage caused by plumbing issues.

Slow Or Clogged Drains

When water in your sink, tub or toilet does not go out properly, there may be a partial clog or break in the line.  Plunging the line is usually the first step, but these tools use air and can not get to hard or stingy clogs. Commercial drain cleaners and clog removers are safe for most drains for occasional use, but these caustic materials can damage some pipes if used too frequently. Some of these products use excessive heat to burn items in the line causing the clog, but overuse of these products can also lead to damage to the piping itself.  Sometimes it is best to call in a professional to have them inspect the line.  Plumbers have many tools to inspect lines and some even have the means to have the pipe scoped, useful in sewer line inspections.  Waiting too long to have your plumbing checked can lead to breaks, or backups which then costs thousands in repairs and content losses.  This is when companies like us are called, when it’s too late.  Regular checks to your home are the only ways you can be proactive in avoiding costly losses, while the other option is to wait for a loss to occur.

About the author: Joe Fiorilli