Mold Inspection Scam123

Recently, we were called by a customer who had concerns about growth in a very large garage. The two car garage extended over one hundred feet in length, and mold began to grow on the drywall ceiling due to some water infiltration and a much larger humidity issue. Her skepticism developed after she had hired another testing company to perform an inspection via air samples. When the test results came back they produced mold that I never saw in nearly 18 years and have performing over 1500 air tests personally. Now I can not go into detail because it would be unethical, but can tell you that a different person, a highly regarded hygienist, also saw the report and came up with the same conclusion as I did. The Stachybotrys results must have been tampered with because the volume collected, even confirmed by two other labs, is impossible. And why would someone tamper with results? Because they want a job. Their mistake was simply putting in too much of the specimen into the cassette leading to results which one lab said, were fifteen times higher than the worst homes tested in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. So it brings us back to a point I continually make when writing these type of blogs, do your Due Diligence and remember you really do get what you pay for.  And as for the contractor with the tampered results, they’re claiming lab error.  The finger pointing and potential litigation has begun.

About the author: Joe Fiorilli