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Many potential clients seemingly overlook a question that is very important when searching for a mold remediation firm.  They know to ask, “are you certified?”  But never ask, “where did you acquire your certification from?”  To understand why this is such a vital question, you must first understand the differences between certification firms.  99% of all mold and water restoration companies are certified through organizations who have online courses.  These courses are done on their own time and the testing is done the same fashion.  There’s no way for the certification firm to monitor the test, so the individual taking the exam can simply look up the answers. The more alarming fact is that their certification has no expiration date.  If they took and passed their exam in the year 1999, their certification would still be valid.  Some firms require a renewal fee which is usually a small amount of money every two years or so, but again, their cert will be valid forever.

A company like ours is certified through an organization that requires In Class course study and an exam in the same class which is monitored.  To keep your certification valid, continuing education courses each year are required which keep you up to date or refresh yourself on remediation steps and new products.  The reason that this is important is because all industries in every market change, and to think that earning a certification 15 years earlier is good enough, would be foolish.  

So when searching for any remediation company, or any company that is required to have certification, remember to not only ask are they certified, but where was their certification earned.  It is also within your right to ask for proof, as all major certification firms give paperwork proving that the contractor is indeed certified.

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About the author: Joe Fiorilli