Kilz vs. Encapsulates123

Without getting into the technical side of this debate, I just want to bring up a few points to help some understand the differences between each, which can also answer why some mold companies price higher than others when this type of coating is applied after the cleaning is done.  Kilz, is basically a primer, a stain blocker and sometimes an odor blocker as well.  An Encapsulate, is a fungicidal based coating applied to a surface to prevent further mold growth while reducing moisture intake and having the ability to provide a colorless clear option.  First, why chose a clear option versus a nice clean and bright white, which is how most sell the colored option.  Because when you use clear, you are giving an inspector, the home owner, whomever, the option to fully see the surface after the remediation to do a full inspection and to insure that the surface is clean. Secondly by choosing clear, you are assuring the customer that they are getting a true encapsulate versus a basic paint.  Painting the surface, let’s say wood in an attic, will give you some benefits, such as resistance to moisture, some suffocation of residual mold in unable to reach crevices and it aesthetically looks appealing, but that’s about it.  Paint is paint.  It’s thin, cheap and isn’t capable of resisting mold growth in the same fashion as an encapsulate.  Hence the reason that a five gallon bucket of Kilz costs about $80, while encapsulates run close to $300 for the same sized unit. Encapsulates are designed to resist high levels of moisture and humidity, which promote mold growth.  Some are three times as thick as regular primers, which gives you maximum protection while also having additives specifically formulated to resist further growth.  Now there are some customers who insist on white because they want the colored option and this is fine, but inspect the product when it’s brought into your home to insure it’s a true encapsulate and not just a paint. So remember not to compare apples to oranges when getting prices from mold remediation companies, because there’s a reason that some prices are very different.

-Joe Fiorilli

About the author: Joe Fiorilli