Hiring Franchises123

Recently I went into a home where they had a major leak from a second floor sink.  The water damaged some walls and flooring on the second floor, but did most of it’s damage was to the first floor and basement.  The insurance company pushed the owner for their “approved contractor,” and she agreed not realizing she had a choice to hire whomever she wanted.  After six weeks they completed the job which should have taken five to six days, because they weren’t showing up everyday and going to other jobs.  This behavior is common for these types of companies and even some people reading this right now know exactly what I mean because they’ve experienced it  Be it that it took so long for them to take care of the home and properly dry it, mold has surfaced.  That’s where we come in.

We gave the owner a price that was just over ten thousand dollars to correct an issue that should have never occurred, and wouldn’t have if we were hired first.  I say it time and time again, that you have the right to hire any contractor of your choosing when it comes to an insurance job on your property, as long as they’re certified and insured.  Most franchises in restoration could care less about doing the job right because they’re more interested in placing equipment in your home.  So remember a few tips:

  1. If you have a loss in your home, you can hire whomever you chose.
  2. Any company performing work in your home which is being paid through your policy, is still responsible to show up every day and complete the work in a fashion as if you were paying them out of pocket.
  3. You can communicate directly with your insurance agent if you have an issue with any company they sent out, and you shouldn’t wait until they’re finished.
  4. Ask for a copy of the invoice and double check exactly what they’ve done as compared to what they’re billing for.  Remember, even though you may not being paying for this expense out of pocket, you will eventually as the insurance company most likely will raise your premium.
  5. You can still fire any company the insurance company sends out if they cause more damage t your home or don’t show up as promised.  You are not at their mercy.


About the author: Joe Fiorilli