Getting What You Pay For – Part 2123

Continuing with our blog and using the differences between Contractors #1 and #2, this time we’ll focus on employees. Still using the pricing for an attic, which was Contractor #1 coming in at $5,500, while contractor #2 is charging $8,900.

Contractor #1 has two employees both of which have no previous training and haven’t any certifications. Because #1’s company isn’t a certified firm, no member of his staff has ever been required to gain such certifications. If they do have experience, they’re bringing it from another company, and what that experience may be is unknown. Because their goal is to get jobs by bidding cheap, they too aren’t well paid. They’re day rate laborers usually earning no more than $80 to $100 per day. Growth within the company is very limited or completely nonexistent, so their level of care or concern is usually equal. These types of employees are being left on the job, totally unsupervised to manage and complete the services for the owner.

Contractor #2 has two employees as well, but both have attended classes and have maintained their certifications. They have been trained and follow a certain criteria set forth by the standards of the highest recognized boards in the country. They’re well dressed, mannered and understand the dangers of cross contamination, so the work zone is always cleaned and protected. They earn high paying salaries and have respect for the job because they indeed have long term careers and opportunities for growth.

If the project took 5 work days to complete Contractor #1 has a wage level of $900 using one employee at $80 and the other at $100 per day. Contractor #2 comes in at $1600 for the week with one employee making $22 per hour and the other at $18. This difference will later be added to Part 4.

Don’t forget to check back for Part 3 coming shortly.

About the author: Joe Fiorilli