Don’t Trust, Always Check123

A home owner was purchasing a new home and upon a walk through they noticed a small door leading to an attic was locked.  The seller said she locked it because she had family heirlooms and didn’t want them touched.  So, the perspective buyers took her word and respected her wishes and didn’t open the hatch.  During the inspections process, the inspector did the same.  A couple of weeks later, they finally did open the door and noticed mold growth all over the wood of the attic.  We were called out, provided an estimate and were hired to perform the remediation.  This particular attic cost just over six thousand dollars to clean, and because they didn’t have any proof that the previous home owner knew of the mold, and the fact that the inspector also didn’t check, there was nothing they could do, but take it as a life lesson.  Not everyone is deceptive, but when dealing with any form of transaction, especially large ones like a home, you should never trust anyone and always do everything within your power to know what you’re getting into.

About the author: Joe Fiorilli