Digging Deep123

You had a loss on your home, whether it be from water or fire.  You filed a claim, and the adjuster gave you an option of one or two companies that they deem are, “approved vendors.”  The restoration company comes out to the property and begins the mitigation work which takes anywhere from a day to several weeks.  The job is finally finished and you notice some discrepancies.  What now?

What you may not have known, is first and foremost the approved vendor is nothing more than a franchise who’s sole base of business comes exclusively from the insurance company.  Without this agreement, the franchise would cease to exist.  Secondly, it is your full right to request a copy of the estimates put together from the restoration company to see exactly what they billed for against the services provided.  So many cases we see restoration contractors billing for several items that they never completed or a list of equipment that never saw the inside of your property.

These cases of fraud can exhaust your monies and leave you with little to nothing when it comes to the reconstruction needed to return your home to pre-loss conditions.  If this should happen, you absolutely must report this to your insurance company.  And remember, it is your full right to hire whichever restoration company you want because the only reason insurance companies use these franchises is for convenience rather than quality.

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About the author: Joe Fiorilli