Common Mold Tests123

There are may forms of mold testing that can determine whether or not your home or office has mold, and the severity of issue if one exists.  The most common form of testing is Air Sampling, which basically traps spores in the air onto a sticky slide within a cassette that is mounted on top of a pump. The cassette is then detached, secured and sent off to a lab for analysis.  Another common type of test is Surface Sampling.  This form of testing is to take a direct lift of a suspect area, and place it onto a slide and then it too is sent for analysis.  Swab sampling is nearly the same as surface sampling, without the use of the slide, but it too is testing a suspect area with direct contact.  For the next few days we’ll discuss and detail each of the most common mold tests used today.

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About the author: Joe Fiorilli