Commercial Rentals – Take Precautions Before Signing123

Recently, I was called out to a commercial property in Cherry Hill New Jersey where a couple was thinking of opening a new store but had concerns about mold in the basement of the unit. It was an exciting time for sure, as their dreams of opening this speciality food store was four years in the making and they finally saw the finish line. After an extensive search throughout all of Cherry Hill NJ, they landed on a location they saw as the best. But a musty mold odor permeating from the basement gave them concern.

They Googled Mold Removal Cherry Hill NJ, and found us and an inspection was scheduled a day later. When I arrived, the mold odor was easily noticeable and it became stronger the closer I got to the basement hatch. When I opened the hatch, not only did I see mold growth on both the walls and joists, but also active water on the floor. A further inspection of the property led me to discovering more mold and water damage on the first floor storage area and in the back office, which was painted over and now starting to come back through.

This news wasn’t what they were looking for of course, but hearing the truth was exactly what this couple needed to know, especially because they were about to sign a 6 year lease. The owner of the property didn’t seem concerned about mold and said that everyone has Mold in Cherry Hill NJ, but that simply isn’t true. Aside from the fact that his basement was wet, and he had several other active leaks in the roofing and plumbing, the man painted over mold which should have been properly remediated by a certified and licensed mold removal company. He could have just as easily Googled Mold Remediation Cherry Hill NJ, and found several companies to chose from, like his perspective tenants had. Instead he chose to cover up the damage and give excuses which in the end terminated the deal.

Even though this couple was eager to get their new business off the ground, they were smart enough not to accept any deal, or any excuse, and decided to continue their search. They wouldn’t budge on insuring that their storage, and their customers wouldn’t be affected by any mold damage, or water damage which shows their character. Remember, you should never just accept any sort of deal regardless if you’re renting or purchasing just for the sake of signing. If you can’t work a proper deal with a landlord in the beginning, it’s only get get worse after you’ve signed.

About the author: Joe Fiorilli