Classes of Water – Part 2123

Class 3

Class 3 water intrusion is where moisture has wicked up the walls more than 24 inches, water may have come from above and/or wet insulation may be present and there is more water present than any other class. Class 3 water losses include:

  • Strong wins damage the roof and rain enters from above, saturating ceilings, walls, flooring materials and structural items.
  • Second floor water supply failure saturates entire areas below with large amounts of water.
  • Overhead water supply pipes malfunction, saturating entire areas with large amounts of water.

Class 4

A Class 4 water intrusion results in a specialty drying situation. Typically, wet materials present in a Class 4 water situation have very low porosity. Materials that are common to Class 4 intrusions include hardwood, plaster, brick, deeply saturated concrete, deeply saturated ground soil and stone. Other examples of Class 4 situations include:

  • Plaster and lath walls that are deeply saturated
  • Gymnasium floors
  • Hardwood floors in residential construction
  • Very old construction with multiple layers of building materials
  • Concrete
  • Dirt floors

Use of desiccant and/or LGR dehumidifiers is necessary in Class 4 situations.

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About the author: Joe Fiorilli