Classes of Water – Part 1123

Along with Categories of water, there are also Classes of Water. Classes of water describe the potential rate of evaporation based upon the amount of water present and the type of material affected. In this session, we will define the different classes of water.

Class 1

Class 1 intrusions involve only a part of an area, or involve a larger area that has only been lightly affected. In a Class 1 loss, there is little or no wet carpet or cushion, typically, only low porosity materials such as plywood, concrete and structural lumber are affected. Examples of common Class 1 water intrusions are:

  • A concrete basement floor that only absorbed a small amount of water.
  • And losses where carpet and pad have been removed and there is no wet gypsum.

Class 2

Class 2 water intrusions are ones that have affected significant areas of carpet and cushion. Water may have wicked up the walls but is less than twenty four inches high, and structural materials are wet. Some examples of Class 2 common intrusions are:

  • A loss that includes wet carpet, cushion and gypsum wicked less than twenty four inches.
  • A structure that was affected by Category 2 water and where the underlay was removed, but wet carpet, drywall and structural materials remain.

Structures with no wicking on walls but where the carpet and underlay is being dried in place.

Part 2 will include Classes 3 and 4.

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