Cheaper Prices123

When bidding joist or attic work, home owners can get varying prices from a few thousand to sometimes over ten thousand.  But why are some prices very low?  Beyond material cost which attributes to a lot of price discrepancies, most companies have inexperienced laborers and outright horrible work ethics, which leads to jobs being done wrong.  Their cheaper prices basically translate to cheap work, and this can be a huge problem when dealing with mold remediation.  Aside from cross contamination and a slew of other issues, some jobs may cost you double if not triple to redo after a company’s work has failed.  Pictured below is a crawl space where a remediation contractor claimed to properly remove and encapsulate the mold covered surfaces.  Within a few months, the mold was back, and we were called to fix it right.  When hiring a mold remediation contractor you have to remember you really do get what you pay for.

About the author: Joe Fiorilli