Carpet Patching123

Carpet patching is something that many people are already aware of, but it is important to hire a professional for the best outcome.  This process involves the physical removal of a segment or area of flooring and the subsequent replacement of a visually similar piece of flooring. This is accomplished best by seasoned professionals who have encountered a variety of different scenarios in this area as there are many specialized tools and equipment that’s needed to accomplish the best replacement.

This process involves very precise measurements, along with finding correct replacement pieces that match not only the surrounding aesthetic, but the density and fiber of the material as well. Along with the equipment, there’s a complex number of steps that are undertaken to properly install new segments of flooring. All of this is done in an effort to create a visually seamless stretch of flooring that appears to have had no work done on it at all.

The pieces that will be used in the carpet patching are typically either square or rectangular for the sake of an easier installation, though for spot replacements where a lone stain exists, a circular, smaller portion may be replaced instead. Next, tackless strips that are affixed to the concrete foundation are removed from the problematic area. This part of the task involves using a hammer and a pry-bar in a delicate fashion so the concrete or sub-floor beneath the tackless strip is not damaged. After the tack strips are replaced and the installation is finished, vacuuming and exposure to the sun will lend its hand in helping the new area blend nicely with the surrounding areas in time.

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About the author: Joe Fiorilli