Always Tomorrow123

Too many times issues in our homes are overlooked and perceived as minor.  But even minor issues left to dwell and fester over time can become major problems.  Recently we had dealt with a water loss in a kitchen which originated under the sink.  The customer decided to put towels down to catch the water instead of contacting a plumber.  Now this may seem like one in a million, but things like this and many other examples of not dealing with home repairs occur more often than not.  The leak finally caused the cabinet to rot, but mold grew not only on the cabinet, but behind the wall and onto the two cabinets next to the sink base.  Additionally, the leak caused severe damage to the flooring and the basement joists, all of which were beyond remediation, and needed complete replacement.  This small leak, turned into a job that cost these home owners eleven thousand dollars.  Thats’s because they needed to pay for mold remediation, cabinet and flooring replacement, joist replacement, drywall and tiling work to be redone and a considerable amount of painting.  Even if you’re issue seems small, don’t let it grow into a major problem by saying, “I’ll deal with it tomorrow.”

About the author: Joe Fiorilli