1 Way to Cheat123

So, you hired a mold remediation company to remove mold from an area in your house and you requested them to preform post remediation testing to insure everything is okay.  A couple of days later, the test results come back and you’re given a clean slate.  All is well, right?  A common practice among some remediation companies is to leave air scrubbers in the home for three days after they’ve completed the work.  Upon picking up the air machines, they take the test.  Does anything seem wrong?  The air scrubbers we use can clean anywhere from 1000 to 2000 square feet of air per hour.  Let’s say we are using a 1000 square foot model.  They place 3 of these machines in your home which has a total 3000 square feet of home space.  This basically translates to your air being cycled once per hour in the entire home, for 72 straight hours or 72 complete times in 3 days.  Then, the company comes in to preform an air test.  This is classic air manipulation, and only favors the remediation contractor.  Once the machines are removed, the same air in the home will return, but they’ll have paperwork claiming their test is clean.  What should you do?  If they stand strongly behind leaving air machines in your property for three days afterwards, (which doesn’t do a thing), then you should request the test to be taken one week after they are picked up.  This way, there is no manipulation and everything is on an even playing field.  Better yet, ask these questions prior to hiring such a remediation contractor, this way you know what you’re getting into and could do what is necessary, hire someone else.

About the author: Joe Fiorilli