Levels of Hoarding123

Hoarding disorder is a persistent difficulty discarding or parting with possessions because of a perceived need to save them. A person with hoarding disorder experiences distress at the thought of getting rid of the items, and can become belligerent towards those offering help or trying to throw away items that they believe to have great value. Hoarding often creates a living space with little to no room, which can be not only a major fire hazard, but also cause structural damage to the building due to excessive weight. People with hoarding disorder are often unaware of the severity of the issue, making it a challenge to assist them by calling a hoarding cleanup company. But intensive treatment can help someone experiencing hoarding disorder to comprehend the dangers of their choices, and make the necessary changes needed to maintain a safe and healthy environment.

But not every person suffering from hoarding disorder is alike. There are different levels of hoarding that go beyond just mild and severe, and not every hoarder collects what other people perceive to be junk, as some individuals may collect animals the same way others collect papers, cans or a countless amount of other things. Animal hoarding is an accumulation of animals that has overwhelmed a person’s ability to provide minimum standards of care. Those standards include nutrition, sanitation, shelter, veterinary care, and socialization.

The Most Common Levels are Hoarding are:

Level One: Clutter is not excessive, all doors and stairways are accessible, there are no odors, and the home is considered safe and sanitary.

Level Two: Clutter inhabits 2 or more rooms, light odors, overflowing garbage cans, light mildew in kitchens and bathrooms, one exit is blocked, some pet dander or pet waste puddles, and limited evidence of housekeeping.

Level Three: One bedroom or bathroom is unusable, Excessive dust, heavily soiled food preparation areas, strong odors throughout the home, excessive amount of pets, and visible clutter outdoors.

Level Four: Sewer backup, hazardous electrical wiring, flea infestation, rotting food on counters, lice on bedding, and pet damage to home.

Level Five: Rodent infestation, kitchen and bathroom unusable due to clutter, human and animal feces, and disconnected electrical and/or water service.

Hoarding cleanup companies can be called in to properly assist with the restoration of a home bringing it back to a safe and livable condition.  But not all hoarding cleanup companies are alike.  In fact, hoarding cleanup services have become very popular in the last several years, and the market has become flooded with inexperienced junk companies and contractors not aware of the potential risks, and sensitivity required to perform a hoarding cleanup job. A qualified and experienced hoarding cleanup company should show empathy not only towards the individual suffering from hoarding disorder, but also their family, who may have struggled for years trying to get their loved one the help they needed. 

We at MSI, have been offering hoarding cleanup since 1998, and have performed countless amounts of hoarding cleaning projects. Our experienced and highly trained staff will thoroughly clean the affected areas, identify any issues within the dwelling, all while showing the compassion you and your family deserve.  If you or someone you know is living in Hoarding conditions and would like an estimate, give us a call today or visit our site at wearemsi.com

About the author: Joe Fiorilli